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Appointment Booking
Terms & Conditions

Our Commitment


Our goal is to provide quality Legal & Migration Advice and Services to all our clients in a timely manner while ensuring compliance with various other legal requirements and obligations. No-shows, late arrivals, and cancellations cause great inconvenience not only to us but to our other clients as well. Please read carefully these Terms & Conditions regarding appointments with us. We may amend and update these Terms & Conditions at any time without any prior notification. However, the updated/changed Terms & Conditions will apply only to future appointments.

By booking an appointment with us, you are taken to have understood and agreed to these Terms & Conditions.

Payment(s) For Booked Appointment

Lawyers and law practices in Australia are under strict rules regarding, among other things, the handling of clients' monies. Any monies received prior to the completion of legal services are required to be deposited/received in our law practice's Trust Account (also known as 'Clients Account'). Hence, the cleared funds that we will receive from you in connection with the booked appointments will be deposited/received in our Trust Account and will be disposed off as per the relevant provisions of law governing lawyers' Trust Account. Therefore, Direct Credit, is the only suitable option for you to make payments for your booked services.

When you book an appointment through our website, we immediately receive automatic notification of your booking (but not of the payment). Therefore, it is your responsibility to immediately email a receipt of the deposit to ADMIN@ALMSAUST.COM to avoid cancellation of your appointment. We will not finalise your appointment on our end if we have not received the payment(s) required for the type of your appointment.

We may cancel your booked appointment if we do not receive a confirmation of payment immediately after you book your appointment/consultation.

Appointment Cancellation


When you book your appointment, you are holding space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other potential clients. Further, it may also affect our other commitments and work schedules. Therefore, in order to be respectful to your fellow clients and us, please inform us at the earliest opportunity that you will not be able to attend your appointment. 


If cancellation is necessary, we require that you inform us at least 8 hours in advance to avoid any penalty. Your advanced notice may allow another client to access that appointment time.

How Many Times We Can Reschedule Your Appointment For You?

We will reschedule your appointment only once without any penalty to you if you give us a notice at least 8 hours prior to your booked appointment.


How to Cancel or Reschedule Your Appointment?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call us on +61 469787740 during our business hours (09 am to 05 pm, Monday to Friday (AEST)). You can also email us at to get your appointment cancelled or rescheduled.

Late Cancellations/No-Shows


A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is cancelled less than 8 hours before the appointed time.


A no-show is when a client misses an appointment without cancelling.


In either case, we will not refund the fee paid for that appointment if the fee for that appointment does not exceed AUD 299. In case the fee charged to book an appointment exceeds AUD 299, we will deduct AUD 299 and refund the remaining amount upon request to your nominated bank account.

Please read our Terms and Conditions concerning the use of our website(s).

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