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Visa Refusal | Visa Cancellation |Ahmad Migration Services

Visa Refusals, Visa Cancellations, Appeals

We are here to help you with your refused or cancelled visa.


We can also help you with your refused Citizenship application or if your Australian citizenship has been cancelled.


We can represent you at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal while making every effort to convince the Tribunal to find in your favour.

child visa australia

Child Visas

Whether you hold a permanent residence visa in Australia, a certain temporary visa in Australia, or Australian citizenship, we can help you reunite with your children.

There are several types of Child visas. A Child visas may be applied for a child who is in Australia or outside Australia. Further, depending upon your and your child's circumstances, your child may be eligible to apply for a temporary visa leading to permanent residency or directly a permanent residence visa. 

medical visa australia

Medical Treatment & Carer Visas

Medical Treatment (subclass 602) Visa is designed for people requiring medical treatment, including medical consultation, or to accompany a person who is seeking medical treatment in Australia. A Carer Visa allows an applicant to provide care for a relative or a family member.


Let us guide and help you with your Medical Treatment Visa if you are considering travelling to Australia to complete a medical treatment plan or consultation for yourself OR you want to permanently move to Australia to care for someone with a long-term medical condition.

Refugee Visa Australia | asylum in Australia

Protection & Refugee/Humanitarian Visa

If you are in Australia, we can help you with preparing and lodging your Protection visa. We can help you in arguing your case at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal if your Protection visa has been refused or cancelled.

Moreover, we can help you with determining suitable Humanitarian visa options for yourself or your beloved ones if they are refugee in a country other than their country of origin because of threats to their safety, life, and liberty.

Parent Visa Australia | Subclass 173 | Subclass 143 | Subclass 870 | AMS Australia

Parent Visas

If you are a parent of an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia then you may be eligible to apply for a Parent visa to travel to and stay in Australia with your children.

You may be eligible to apply for a temporary or a permanent parent visa, depending upon your and your  Australian child's circumstances.

Let us help you with preparing your Parent visa application and maximising your chances of seeing your children in Australia.


Student Visa Australia | Subclass 500 | Study in Australia | AMS

Student & Graduate Visas

Whether you wish to study a graduate or post-graduate course at a reputed or budget Australian university OR you are planning to complete a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course, we can help you achieve your career goals.

Not only we will help you maximise your chances to secure your Student visa, but we can also help you find the right course for you that will further open the doors of the world.

Partner Visa Australia | Subclass 309 | Subclass 100 | Subclass 820 | Subclass 801

Partner Visas

We can help you with visas for your de facto partner or spouse. We can also help you by guiding and assisting through your 'intended marriage visa' application as well as your Prospective Marriage visa (or Fiancé visa) application. 'Proxy Marriage' may be another suitable option for you.

These visas are expensive to apply and the legal principles underpinning these visas are often complicated. That's why we are here to navigate through the complexities of these visas and to enhance your chances of securing your Partner visa sooner than later.

Visitor Visa Australia | Tourist Visa Australia | Visa 600

Visitor & Tourist Visas

If you are planning to visit Australia or you are thinking about inviting someone to visit you in Australia, we can help you with preparing and lodging your Visitor or Tourist visa application. We will use our experience to guide and assist you in maximising the chances of your Visitor visa.


In our experience certain information or documents often tend to greatly help a Visitor/Tourist visa application and we will assist you in collecting that information and documents before you lodge your Visitor visa application.

Australian citizenship

Australian Citizenship

We are here to help you with preparing and lodging your Australian Citizenship application. We will ensure, before lodging, that you are legally eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship and may be granted/conferred upon the privilege of becoming an Australian citizen. 

We can also represent you at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal if your Citizenship application has been refused on Character grounds.

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