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Free Consultation Service
Family Law Matters

Currently, we are offering a free consultation to those clients who can complete our online Questionnaire before attending their consultation. 

  • The abovementioned Questionnaire may take 25 - 35 minutes to complete

  • This offer is only valid for consultations concerning the Family Law matters listed below

  • The offer is valid only if all the required information is provided in the form. Half-filled, incomplete, forms filled with apparently incorrect information will be ignored/discarded immediately.

Divorce Matter Questionnaire

Please complete our Clients Divorce Questionnaire for a free assessment and one-hour free consultation.


Complete the questionnaire and we will get back to you after assessing the information you provide in it.

Family Lawyer Melbourne - Free Consultation

Financial Matter Questionnaire

For a free assessment and one-hour free consultation on your Financial Matter, please complete our 'Financial Matters Clients Questionnaire'.

We will get back to you once we have received your responses to schedule an appointment with you.

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